A Daily Lift – October 21, 2020

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Our “lifts” for today:

From Sarah Gormley (BE)

A set of articles on How to Destress from the News: (and get away from doomscrolling, which is unfortunately easy to do these days…)



From Jennifer Sheffield (CIS)

The Center for the Arts (CFA) at Wesleyan University has celebrated the nine-day Hindu festival of Navaratri annually for more than 40 years, with 3-4 days of music and dance (and sometimes feasting). (This year, the festival is Oct 17, 2020 – Oct 26, 2020) Although they already celebrated the festival this year, in early October, there are some posts with curated playlists on the CFA blog:

Listen to the “Music of India for Wesleyan Navarati” Spotify playlist by Joseph Getter MA ’99.
Graduate music student Suhail Yusuf reflects on the Navaratri Festival and shares a YouTube playlist.  


Penn’s Arthur Ross Gallery – free virtual performance, Friday, 10/23/20, 12:00 noon. June Lopez performs a live virtual set consisting of improvs and experiments from various sound sources. “Re-assemble” focuses on the intersections of sound and health, based on the artist’s personal journey through cancer treatment:



Da Vinci Fest – October 22 – 29, 2020

“Showcasing the innovation, diversity, and artistry that makes Philadelphia so vibrant, Da Vinci Fest Live brings you art and science programs you can experience at home or in person.” Da Vinci Fest Live will kick-off with a live-stream broadcast at 6:30pm on Oct. 22 at www.DaVinciFest.org  

The Festival Guide: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f231b1ac388932d7443f3d7/t/5f6b89327271d8392185e080/1600882999325/DVF+guide-3.pdf 


October is National Roller Skating Month. For videos on how to roller skate and more: https://www.rollerskating.com/pages/national+roller+skating+month+tool+kit/169


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