A Daily Lift – May 8, 2020

Good Morning,


I hope that you are doing well!


Our “lifts” for today:


From Dr. Igor Bargatin (MEAM)

A thread of a single actress lip-syncing and reenacting some of the biggest Broadway hit musicals:



From Kilian Feeney (Operations)

“Shout out to all the special women in our lives, past & present; wives, moms, grandmas, mothers to be, aunts, sisters and girlfriends! Where would we be without you in our lives? Be sure to honor them during their special weekend.” – Kilian

Some ideas: https://themomedit.com/mothers-day-gift-ideas-moms-actual-wishlist-2020-quarantine-at-home/


A new video message from President Amy Gutmann to the Penn Community: https://penntoday.upenn.edu/news/united-common-good


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers! Have a nice weekend!


Stay safe and healthy!