A Daily Lift – May 12, 2021

Good Morning,


I hope that you are doing well!


Philadelphia is planning to end COVID restrictions, except the mask mandate, on June 11th! As everything starts to re-open, there are not a lot of free, virtual items to share; therefore, the “Daily Lift” will be ending, too. Today is the 87th “Daily Lift.” Our last “Lift” will be our 90th one on June 2nd.


Our “lifts” for today:

Pennsylvania’s Best Waterfalls To Escape to This Summer, some nearby:



The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced its 2021 Inductees, including Philadelphia’s own Todd Rundgren:



The cicada invasion of 2021 has already started in some parts of the eastern U.S., as noisy cicadas are starting to emerge after being underground for 17 years!

National Geographic Kids, “Cicada” provides information about the noisy insects:



“Fun Stuff for Kids and Teens” (or even adults) from the Smithsonian:



Please share some “lifts” to include next week.


Stay safe and healthy!